Gallery Two

Alpharetta Beaded Collar

Bead embroidered collar (or bib necklace) made with glass seed beads, glass bugle beads and three carved chalcedony flowers. This style of beading is called bead embroidery--the green areas are double-embroidered with a second layer of design on top of the original bead embroidery base. The closure is a vintage pressed class button and loop of beads. The colors are really lovely and the collar lays nicely around the neck. Lined with periwinkle ultrasuede. Handmade beaded jewelry is always the best!


Liberia Beaded Lariat with Mandala Tassels

Blue and green shades of glass seed beads are combined to make this spectacular handmade beaded lariat with mandalas. Lots of fun to wear and it is a compliment magnet.

Ngorongoro Necklace

Beadwoven necklace using three different beading techniques: a spiral weave and a lariat weave, both using the same colors, and a simple strung strand in black and white adding a graphic contrast. Hangs beautifully. The shortest strand measures 20.5" and the longest strand measures 22". This handmade beaded necklace has a tribal look.


Pecos Netted Collar

This handmade beaded piece was fun to make. I used an Ecuadorian netting technique. It falls beautifully when worn but as a flat photo it looks as if it won't close. It does. It is 17 1/4" around the inside and the netting is 2". Sterling clasp


Nevada Pendant Earrings

These earrings are made with two pieces of rare American turquoise from Mine #8 in Nevada. The color is lovely. Sterling earwires. A lovely example of handmade beaded jewelry.


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