Gallery Three

Handmade Beaded Jewelry


Baton Rouge Necklace/Bracelet

This piece can be worn as a bracelet (9.5"--quite large), or the extension (10.5") may be added to create a 20" necklace. Beaded baubles are a mixture of flowers and glass shapes, in purples, greens, pinks with splashes of coral. Handmade beaded jewelry--this is a party for your neck!


Cluny Embroidered Button Collar

Vintage white buttons embroidered onto a collar (or bib necklace) with a sterling clasp. Because this reminds me of lace, I used lace fabric for the back of the collar. And there are matching earrings! All handmade beaded jewelry.


Djibouti Beaded Collar

Bead embroidered handmade beaded collar (or bib necklace) with large jade disk and lots of seed beads in green, pink, orange and glass flower beads. Closure is made with a vintage button.


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